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Kitajima Shoes, leather manufacturing

Since establishment, Kitajima shoes corporation have been adhereing to “Made in Japan” for over 50 years. We are manufacturing high-end leather shoes taking advantage of high-level skills of experienced craftsmen..
We can deliver Japanese-made top quality shoes which can only be manufactured by craftsmen expert on leather.

By maintaining high quality based on the thorough production control, our shoes have received high evaluations from our customers for many years.

Regarding the elevator shoes made by our original technology, they have been appreciated by many companies and customers for more than 40 years.
Our top quality elevator shoes are professionally handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using tools and materials specialized for elevator shoes such as shoe stretcher, shoe cutter, insole and outsole, etc.

Introduction about our leather shoes such as gentlemen’s shoes and elevator shoes.

Introduction about our business activities and manufacturing process.
We also receive OEM orders from dealers.

Introduction about the company concept adhering to made in Japan.Our shoes are carefully handmade by our craftsmen.



402-1, Shin-machi, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, Japan
Zip: 639-1054

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