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Message from representative

Kitajima shoes corporation aims at making shoes from the customers’ viewpoint.
We aim at making shoes that can contribute to society.

We aim at providing positive working environment to our employees so that they can manufacture shoes pleasantly.
We want to continue to manufacture shoes necessary to customers maintaining “Made in Japan.”

Rather than just simply manufacturing shoes, we would like to propose and deliver better products through mutual communication with customers.
We would like to deliver top class hoes bringing out the natural aspect of genuine leather shoes that would never be realized by synthetic leather.
We will always work hard in a cordial manner toward stable deliver of safe and secure shoes.

In our corporation, production, sales and marketing activities are mainly carried out by younger generation.
We believe this enables us to show sensitivity to recent customers’ demand and introduce innovative methods to respond keenly to the demand.
From a technical standpoint, our experienced craftsmen carefully manufacture shoes and try to enhance their skill by combining good old technology and new technology.

We sincerely desire to make further efforts so that we can deliver safe and secure products to our customer.

Message from representative

Corporate profile

Corporate name Kitajima Shoes Co.,Ltd
Representative the representative director KOJI KITAJIMA
Foundation 1961
Location 402-1, Shin-machi, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, Japan
Zip: 639-1054

Corporate history

1961/3 Yoshimori Kitajima started making gentlemen’s shoes.
1965 Yoshimori Kitajima started making gentlemen’s shoes.
1975 Started manufacturing elevator shoes.
1980 Launched own brand "NORDINI"
1991 Joined Nara shoes industrial cooperative.
1996 Start their business for mail order
2000 Started overseas import and knockdown production from China.
2002 Started importation of oversea products from Myanmar.
2003 Started manufacturing ladies’ shoes.
Started manufacturing bridal shoes.
Started manufacturing shoes for apparel business.
2004 Relocated to present address, 402-1, Shimmachi, Yamato-Koriyama, Nara.
2006 Started manufacturing Hallux valgus prevention shoes (ladies’ shoes).
Started manufacturing shoes for cosmetic companies (ladies’ shoes).
2008 Started manufacturing shoes for big gentlemen’s apparel companies and famous apparel companies.
2016 Representative change . Representative Director Kitajima Koji , chairman Kitajima Yoshimori



402-1, Shin-machi, Yamatokoriyama-shi, Nara, Japan
Zip: 639-1054

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